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02/09/12 - WELCOME BACK! - Hi Everyone! I know its been awhile since I've been here, and I apologize! The important thing is that I'm back, and ready to do some revamping around here!! Just a quick reminder to make sure your adding your vote links to your site!

01/25/11 - NEW MEMBERS - Hi all! I'm still here. We've gotten 3 new members! Welcome! Happy Belated New Year to Eveyrone! Lets all do some New Year Maintenance, and check our vote banners/links to make sure they're working! Also, please check your site descriptions for errors. Finally, check your URL's! A lot of URLs aren't up to date! Thanks, Guys!

10/9/10 - GENERAL UPDATES - Hello Everyone! Just wanted to let you all know, though my personal Petz site is on Hiatus, TPT25 will continue to be updated and taken care of! I also wanted to let you know I fixed the problem with the list only showing the first 5 sites! PLEASE only use DIRECT LINK codes when linking to a remote banner location!

02/06/10 - LIST CHANGES - I've made a decision to REMOVE all Petz Top Sites Lists and Forums from this list. Im sorry, but I've noticed that in the past, both here and on OTHER Top Lists, those sites have an edge over personal petz sites, with voting and rankings and I just don't think that's fair. In other news, we've gotten a handful of new members! Welcome!

12/1/09 - UPDATES - Okay everyone! I have a huge update! :D First off, We've had some new members! Welcome All-Star Creations and Skinz and Roses! Secondly, I've almost completed the Help Center for TPT25! It can be found on the Homepage, located at Flummery! Link to follow soon! Also, You may notice changes in your site names soon. I'm going to be adding after site names if sites are P3/4/5, or just P5! So, please don't delete that info from your site names! Also, don't forget to put your link banners on your sites, or no one can vote for you! Okay, that should be everything! Hope everyone had a good holiday, if you celebrate. ;D

11/5/09 - NEW MEMBER - Please Welcome our newest site to TPT25, Slushie! :D Thanks for joining!!

10/23/09 - CBOX - Pretty self explanatory! I've added a C-Box to the bottom of list! :D Enjoy it!

10/22/09 - INACTIVE SITES - I've deactivated a lot of sites! If you feel your site was falsely deactivated, PLEASE email me ASAP! Please note, that a deactivated site STILL HAS AN ACCOUNT! It just means your site isn't shown on the list!

Also, please welcome our newest site, Acacia Pycnantha!! A warm welcome to TPT25! :D

10/21/09 - BANNER UPDATES - Okay, so to help sites with no banners stick out more, I've added "Default" banners to those accts! Feel free to change! I've also added them to sites who's banners were broken links.

I've also weeded out some bad comments/ratings! I've deactivated a lot of dead/hiatus sites. Fianlly, I deleted sites that were duplicates. Please don't create other accounts if you've lost your login info! I'll be happy to send it to you~!

Oh, and I've added new link buttons to match the new layout! :D [ Which I hope you all like! <3 ]

10/20/09 - UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT! - The PT25 was been taken over by me, Amber@Flummery! Many thanks to Hailie@Serenity for many great years of service! Let's hope I can do just as great a job? :D

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Rank Site Rating In Out
26 Boost
NR 0 0
A petz 5 site offering litters of pups, kittens, and specialties for you! Comments
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27 Elfland Woods [p3+]
10.00 0 0
Elfland Woods is a classic petz 4 site with shows, win an award, adoptions, find-its, guardians, and more! Created in 2001; re-opened in 2008. Come and visit us :) Comments
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28 Filthy Hippie
9.38 0 0
Petz 3/4 with adoptions, shows, and more! Comments
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29 Middle Night
9.07 0 0
A Petz 3+ site featuring adoptions and downloads. Comments
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30 Sawdust
10.00 0 0
This site is now closed. sawdust closed date issued in 2009. please remove this site from the top 25 list. thanks. Comments
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31 Petzrus
8.56 0 0
Petzrus is a site for petz 3+ and everyone is welcome to come and check it out! Although we're a little new, we still have plenty of things to offer and we could use a little motivation- visitors always help!
Thanks and please stop by!
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32 Sweet Love Petz
9.00 0 0
Very friendly site, We have adoptions, Petz shows and anything you could imagine! For P4 And P5 Owners! We even have a Doggy/Kitten Playgroup, Lost and found soulz, and Contests to win prizes! :] Comments
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33 senceamille
9.50 0 0
senceamille is a dogz4+ and Catz adoption place. lots of pretty babies! Comments
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34 Virtual Petz Association
10.00 0 0
An almost fully automatic showing organization with a friendly staff and community. Comments
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35 Moonflower Petz Kennelz and Cattery
9.83 0 0
A Petz 3+ site that has been in the Petz community for 7 years. Unique, brexie and downloadable adoptions, playscenes, skinz, stories, cliques, games etc. Comments
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36 ~ December ~ Petz 4/5 ~
9.88 0 0
December is a Petz 4/5 site. With adoptions, shows, and plenty of etcetera, you won't leave disappointed! Visit December today! ~ Comments
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37 Dearheart
0.00 0 0
A petz 4/5 site. Many adoptions, mainly dalis. Other fun things are coming. Please check it out! Comments
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38 Boudicca
9.00 0 0
Boudicca is a Petz 4 site that features shows and good, quality bred petz often with SGChs in their direct ancestry, and without hexing or inbreeding. Updates are frequent and communication with the site owner encouraged! New for 2011: freebies! Comments
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39 Fire Stone Kennel
NR 0 0
Active Petz5 site first opened in 2004! We have litters, singles, breeds, and lots more so take a look around Enjoy! Comments
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40 Reed Kennelz
8.78 0 0
Reed Kennelz has many Selective Breedz available for Download and has Petz available for Adoption, too.

And now we have Playscenes!

Petz 5 Only.
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41 Torrent
9.00 0 0
A site with TONS of adoptions with mostly different variates. We also have downloads too for your liking. So yah... Visit us... If you can handle it... :P Comments
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